Armor Bearer 

Mission: to study the Word and be obedient to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; to serve the Pastor and Ministerial staff; to ensure that we are following the vision and theme as directed by our Pastor; to incorporate the four goals of the church: saving the lost, moving members to discipleship, investing in our children, and serving our community. 

  • Assist the Pastor and Anniversary Committee with Anniversary activities 

  • Serve the Pastor, First Lady and Ministerial staff at all church functions 

Beautification Committee/Floral Club

Mission: to present offerings of beauty which enhance the worship experience and create a warm and inviting atmosphere by providing lovely sanctuary floral arrangements. 

  • Sell Easter Lilies and Christmas Poinsettias 

  • Host Valentines candlelight dinner 

  • Love bunches, cards, and phone calls to sick-and shut-in 

  • Beautify sanctuary, narthex, and restrooms 

Christian Education

Mission: to assist in the overall training of the church leaders and members toward becoming spiritually mature in Christ Jesus through applied teaching, that God’s kingdom be established on earth; to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a conscious commitment to their duties to God and their fellowman. 

  • Increase attendance in Sunday School, Convocations, Bible Study, and Evangelism 

Church Advisory Board


Mission: to actively support the Pastor’s vision and subsequent programs that evolve as a result of the vision. The Ministry con-sists of all presidents and chairpersons of Beulah’s Ministries and serves as a liaison between church members and the pastoral staff. 

  • Demonstrate and work towards leadership in tithing, ste-ardship, Evangelism, and all Bible education opportunities. 

  • Coordinate Annual Church Picnic and Fellowship 

Church Anniversary Committee

Mission: to honor our church founders, celebrate our existence in the community and encourage our church membership to preserve and to continue the rich, blessed legacy that our Father has entrusted to us. 

  • Annual Christian fellowship and seafood feast 

  • Anniversary musical 

  • Anniversary Fellowship Dinner held in mid-August 

Courtesy Guild

Mission: to create a spiritual environment that welcomes all visitors who come to Beulah and encourage them to become a part of the Beulah family. 

  • Meet and greet visitors at the Courtesy Guild table in the Narthex 

  • Invite visitors to BBIC activities year round 

  • Celebrate High School and College graduates 


Mission: to render praise and worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through dance and drama; to coach, guide, and train spiritual and anointed dancers to spread the gospel and minister with a purpose. 

  • Both children and adults are welcome to serve. 

  • Spirit-filled dance and drama performed during praise and worship service 

  • Frequent engagement in ministry outreach through special events and community activities 

Ladies of Emerald

Mission: to reach out spiritually and prayerfully to the women and seniors of Beulah to assist in their needs 

  • Visit the sick and shut-in 

  • Host the Silver Rose Brunch in December for members 60 and older 

  • Participate in breast cancer walk and women’s conference 

Married Couples Ministry

Mission: to promote the development and growth of Christian marriages built on God’s principles for marriage as exemplified in the Bible. 

  • Introduce God’s principles/blueprints for marriage through Biblically based studies 

  • Create oneness in Christian marriages 

  • Strengthen the family relationship through the building of Godly marriages 

  • Sessions held for couples alternating workshops and fellow-ships (game nights, movies, dinner, etc.) 

Mass Choir

Mission: to empower the pew for the work of redemption through praise and worship, choral ministry and evangelism in hymns and contemporary gospel songs. 

  • A dynamic worship ministry of anointed, talented and, loving people who serve the Lord through songs in response to His great love towards us. 

  • Create, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, an atmosphere to rejoice in and worship the Lord. 

Men’s Fellowship

Mission: We are spiritual men bonding together through Chris-tian fellowship for the cause of Christ. 

  • Support the spiritual growth and health awareness of men 

  • Build interpersonal relationships between men through regular Christian fellowship 

  • Serve as positive male role models in our church and community 

Sanctuary Ladies

Mission: to enhance the spiritual growth of our youth and families, to nurture our elderly and to be a source of light in the community. 

  • Facilitate voter registration workshops 

  • “Secret Pals” to membership age 80 and up 

  • Leaders in Beulah Day and Homecoming planning and implementation 

Technology Ministry

Mission: to enhance the worship experience and aid in the development of a deeper relationship with Christ through audio/video deliverance of God’s Word. 

  • Provide technology and audio-visual support for all BBIC activities and ministries 

Usher Board 

Mission: to represent Christ in our service as door-keepers in the House of the Lord; receive members and guests with a loving and welcoming smile; facilitate the seating of members and guests; provide assistance to promote the comfort of worshipers; aid in emergencies during worship services. 

  • Increase membership, evangelism, and outreach 

  • Continue to improve service through training 

  • Facilitate Bible study quarterly 

Women’s Ministry

Mission: to bring women of the church and commu-nity closer to God through Christian studies that pertain to women’s issues and encourage discussion that enhances spiritual and social growth. 

  •  Host annual women’s conference 

  •  Encourage the development of friendships among Christian women 

  •  Complete 1-2 biblical studies to foster spiritual growth 


Young Adult Ministry

Mission: to motivate young adults between the ages of 18 to 30 to pursue a spiritual and personal relation-ship with God through Jesus Christ. The Ministry strives to fulfill the Word of God to make Disciples of Christ, and is committed to reaching out to other young adults by sharing our Christian faith. 

  • Wednesday Bible Study 

  • Hour of Empowerment worship service 

Youth Advisory Board

Mission: to aid and assist in developing spiritual and social activities for the youth of the church. This in-volves our youth in Evangelism, Christian Training, wholesome social activities, and social outings such as skating, bowling, canoeing, retreats, rap session, field trips, and visitation to other churches. 

  • Attend youth activities and/or field trips as trained chaperones 

  • Participate in the planning and preparation of activities and field trips 

  • Serve as a counselor to the youth of the church