Engage Children’s Ministry:

We exist to come alongside parents to assist in making opportunities available for children ages 3-12 to praise and worship God as well as learn about God and come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In addition, we provide fellowship opportunities are provided along with mission outreach activities that are all designed to promote the spiritual growth of children


Meeting: Please refer to the church calendar




Emerge Youth Ministry:

We exist to provide students in 7th-12th grade with tools to be empowered to emerge in this world while interacting with non-believers, live their lives according to HIS purpose and shine their light beyond the walls of the church.


Meeting: Every 1st Sunday at 

Contact: Nicole Gadson-Bostick

Phone: 813-252-3382

Email: mrshobo2.042@gmail.com


Elevate Young Adult Ministry:

We exist to support, equip and empower young adults ages 18-25 to grow as disciples in Christ who are contributing their natural and spiritual gifts for building the Kingdom of God.