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February 4th - April 7th

Let’s be honest.  For many, the idea of tithing,

returning the first 10% of our income seems overwhelming.

But here’s what we must remember:

God promises to pour out blessings (not always financial)

on us when we tithe.

If you are not a tither or if you worry that you can’t make it financially on 90% of your income,

then the 90-Day Tithing Challenge is for you!

If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to grow in faith,

while experiencing the blessing and protection of God,

the 90-Day Tithing Challenge is for you!


1.   Commit to test God and try tithing for the next 90-days 

2.  Register below for the 90-Day Tithing Challenge

3.  Because God does not lie (Numbers 23:19), we know that God is going to bless you in significant ways because you are now tithing. When God does bless you, remember it won’t always be financially, but no matter how big or small, tell us your story! Send an email to

Thanks for registering!

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