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   The formation of the Beulah Baptist Institutional Church began the year before the establishment of a formal structure for its founding.     The events leading to the church’s establishment are peculiar to the times and characteristic of the Negro’s quest for freedom of worship and dignity of the individual. Beulah has been working in Kingdom Building projects for the Lord for more than 152 years and we’re not tired yet!  We are still standing on the shoulders of our ancestors who gave so much with so little. Our parents and foreparents held up the blood-stained  banner for the Lord in difficult times; they taught us that the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to him who holds out and proves faithful to the end. We’ve come through trials and tribulation; we’ve come through ups and downs but we are still standing for the Lord and for as many Anniversaries as the Lord will allow us.  We are going to keep holding on!

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