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Our Core Focuses

Scripturally Literate

Believing the Word of God is that which we build our lives upon, we desire that all disciples of Beulah are continuing to grow in their knowledge of God’s word.  We desire for all individuals to not only know the Word of God, but also to live out the Word of God on a day to day basis.  We are intentional about providing as many opportunities as possible for individuals to learn the word of God. 


Strong Families

Strong families are the foundation of a strong church and a strong society.  Here at Beulah we are intentional about ministering to, and building strong families upon the standards of God’s Word. We desire to minister to traditional, blended and broken families.  Whether married, re-married or single, our desire is for your family to be the strongest it can be.


Social Justice

Beulah is committed to doing our part in building a great community and city, not just a great church.  Our posture towards our community and city will be marked by working for justice for the poor, oppressed, marginalized, and those who start life with severely limited opportunities. Here at Beulah we will humbly use all of our cultural power to serve alongside those who are less powerful than us.    Our vision is a transformed city, a city that looks increasingly like the new city to come. 


Serving our Community

Here at Beulah we realize we are part of a community much bigger than ourselves, thus we are committed to giving back to our community in whatever ways we can.  We want to ensure that individuals within our community feel cherished, loved, valued and supported.  We seek to ensure our neighbors feel this way by performing random acts of kindness, adopting schools within our neighborhood, partnering with local organizations and meeting the needs of our community, all in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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