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If it's your first time at Beulah, you're our honored guest.  Beulah Baptist Institutional Church is a place you can call home. It’s where you can find hope, healing, and purpose, as we seek to build together! Over the years, this family has grown and changed, but one thing will always stay the same: Our love for Jesus and love for each other. No matter where you are in your journey, you can be confident that you’re more than welcome at Beulah — you’re wanted!!

We want you to come as you are. God calls men and women of all races, cultures, political persuasions, and economic backgrounds to become one in Christ.

We understand showing up at a new place for the first time can be nerve-wracking, so here's more information about Beulah and what you can expect:

  • Please look for reserved parking spots just for our first time guests.

  • Our worship services range from 90-100 minutes.

  • People at our worship services usually wear what feels comfortable for them.  If you’d like to come in a suit or dress that works for us, coming in slacks and a shirt works for us as well.

  • Our choirs will lead you through worship songs as we exalt Jesus together.

  • Each week you can expect Biblically based teaching with real-life applications.

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